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Friday, April 11, 2008

If I could...

If I had enough (financially, emotionally, physically, and all other allys), then I would have nothing to do except sit back and reflect. I recently had a moment like that and I, well, reflected. I reflected about all the things that I would like to do in such an abundant stage and here goes the list, in no particular order :-

i) I would like to park myself in Googolplex and endlessly watch the world-wide internet search key words ticker for a selfish laugh. I would look at keywords like "What does red smell of?" or "how can males have multiples?". Based upon that, I will take a graceful leap of imagination and construct characters, draw caricatures, and chart the entire life of the person typing them away, including his pets. I will only allow it to be published posthumously.

ii) I would invest resources into understanding the enormous complexities that the universe offers. For example, I would like to understand why do the boys display an unhealthy obsession for male bonding? or what is the connection between hair-loss and blogging.

iii) I would make hypothetical scenarios and play them out. For example, I would like to understand what happens if everybody in the world decides to make it a 4-day working week. Will the human species extinguish of boredom or will it embrace the free time and indulge in reflecting like yours truly :-)

iv) I would like to dig out all the conspiracy theories and (dis)prove them. There wouldnt be any Area-51 or a fluttering flag on the Moon while I breathe.

v) I would list down all the classical jokes that have stood the test of time and trace them back down to the first person who ever came up with it. I may follow it up with a petition to have a Nobel prize for the person who makes the largest number of people laugh in a year. If turned down, I will institute a rival award with my own financial muscle.

Have you reflected on something similar? Please share; the only condition is that it has to be trivializing.

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