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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Couch

Last weekend, I had an epiphany. This usually happens to me when I spend unhealthy amount of time with myself. Further, such an epiphany is almost impossible to avoid when the time spent with myself consists of staring blankly into the void. It is true that I have had so many revelations that I would rather go through the rest of my life without having to worry about whether I have a unique and meaningful role in the Cosmos. Here are some of the more important epiphanies that have occurred previously in my life and some semblance of the thought process behind them:

My back is aching. So is my neck. I can’t feel my left leg either –> Its about time that I changed my lying down position.

I feel too lethargic to get up. My stomach is growling. But I did have a hearty lunch –> Oh My God. Is it dinner time already?

It’s quite easy to find an empty cubicle today. Where is everybody? Great. Even the corner office is empty; let me make it my office today. Where is everybody? –> Is it a Sunday? CRAP.

No position is more receptive to epiphanies than the lying down position. Yes. It is that position in which you sleep. Except when you don’t sleep then realizations from higher dimensions descend upon you. Sometimes, they rain upon you like a torrential downpour while at other times, they simply drizzle. If you are lucky, you will be able to duck from them but mostly, let’s accept it, you get wet. Evading epiphanies, especially when it is staring you in the face, is quite an art and I must write about that some other day but let me not digress.

The epiphany I recently had was something else altogether. It happened when I was hit by a series of minor realizations in quick succession over the whole of last weekend. None of those minor realizations were really important in the larger scheme. (Author Note: Though, I think, at one point of time, I did get a clear vision of how life conspired to create the universe to accommodate itself, how all life forms were connected with each other through an underlying thread of common consciousness flowing even through inanimate objects, how human race is just a sensorial manifestation of that infinitely more intelligent and omnipresent consciousness and is an experiment gone horribly wrong and how you can understand all this with the help of a screw-driver and basic algebra but more on that some other day). Anyway, I was smart enough to ignore all those epiphanies and instead searched for the underlying catalyst that triggered the waves of those realizations. Because, all facts considered, discovering a gold mine is not nearly as important as discovering how to find a gold mine. All this, you know, so as to not accidentally fall into one. After all, one has to take care of one’s health.

The underlying catalyst, I discovered, was The Couch. As it happened, I spent about 25 hours of that curious weekend on that couch. Now, this couch is nothing much to speak of. It is a comfortable two-seater that is deliberately positioned right in front of the TV. If a midget were to lay down on it and extend himself to his entire length then his legs will surely be dangling. But it does have a cozy feeling so universally associated with all kinds of couches, irrespective of their shapes or sizes. Now, if you throw in some cushions, a quilt, a large cappuccino, a book, and a wonderful foggy view through an open balcony, you do get that distinct feeling of having arrived fashionably late to a party thrown in your honor. And when one is so relaxed, so on top of the world, so content, that is exactly when those darned epiphanies sneak up onto you. You don’t like it when they do that especially when your own sub-conscious distracts you with inane conversations so you don’t see their approach. As an example:

Me: What a life. I can be here for ever.
Sub-conscious: Yeah. This way you are not going to get anywhere, anyway.
Me: What do you mean? Where else would I wanna be anyway?
Sub-conscious: Ask yourself. You should know.
Me: Even allowing for the ironical stupidity that I could ask myself a question when I don’t really know the answer, where are you going with this rhetoric?
Sub-conscious: The answers lie within.
Me: Are you for real? Or straight out of an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting? Besides, aren’t you supposed to be THAT within?
Sub-conscious: Who am I? I am just a resident garbage collection unit. The question is Who are YOU?
Me (With vacant expression): Who am I?
Sub-conscious: Bingo. (Smuggles in a few revelations)

Score line – Me – 0; Sub-conscious – 1.

Well, I guess, nothing in life is for free. Not even a lazy afternoon on The Couch. Bollocks.


Anonymous said...

time to move out of the couch and relax in the bed....try it..i m sure u will not get the moment to visualise any of these :)

Anonymous said...

very interesting read...but dude you can definitely put that couch to a better use...ahem...need i say more..;)

Dudette said...

Ever since I have been wanting to tell you that you this uncanny gift with the words!!

how come you remember the Saturday weekly off and land into office on Sunday??

If I had THAT comfortably evil couch with the same cozy feeling, I would have preferred to sleep for extraordinarily extended number of hours than letting any of those epiphanies to sneak up onto me. But your epiphanies are funny nonetheless.

Loved the term 'resident garbage collection unit'. heee!! updated my dictionary :)

Allow me to answer the question 'who am I?'

I am, like everybody else, a unique-dazed soul, sent by God to fulfill a purpose, which I am yet to realize. Until then, I am exploring nature, helping humanity and living the way he wants me to.
Humor me if you find this stupid :)

Beta said...

@1 and 2 - Couch is addictive. Better ways...hmmmm...

@Dudette - Beautiful words. Thanks for gracing.

Jessica said...

I just wanted to compliment your writing here real quick... I just finished a book called "The Rachel Papers" by Martin Amis... an amazing read, I must say... and your style is strikingly similar. I highly suggest it and, again, bravo on your talent!

As for your post... I relate, man. lol

Anonymous said...

Next time u lie on that couch and i am sure the sound "OUCHH" wud be heard even by ur neighbours....:D

I guess your couch is quite worthy for self-realisations...try it with ur friends first and if it works, then we can also try our luck with our sub-conscious self...

dudette i really loved ur response for "who am i?"

Guys, continue this....u will have many more common things to write on :)

Annoymously said...

Entertaining and interesting as always. More fun though, if you'd actually revealed some of your revelations. The shades of Douglas Adams were well done, and most people get it wrong with stalwarts such as he. So, that's a compliment - in case you were wondering. :)
Until later...

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Deveno said...

prefer sleep on couch rather than a bed .......... it is relaxable and very comfortable