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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Aussie ki tehsi-day 4

Let me start of by conveying my special regards for the warm hospitality extended to us by ponna(in spite of his passionate pleas to unfold my jeans), his family(reinforcing my belief that the subcontinental folks - curries all share the same values deep within), his extended family(from the psychologist jenny to the cricket crazy uncles and aunts). I will be an utter idiot, however if I didn't mention uncle ponna (I want to grow up to be that guy) and annie (can anybody ever do more for us and still feel inadequate). Thanks to you all, our stay here has been a tripper of a trip and that is inspite of the way india is playing.

Alright, wiping the tears aside, let's get to something less taxing. My memory is acting funny(only cricket is safely preserved in a chronological manner, the rest is all hazy), so I am going to mention things in no particular order.

Last two evenings have been a riot. The first evening was spent watching the musical phantom of the opera. And what a breathtaking display of a moving storyline accentuated by elaborate set (it was like magical hat throwing out wonders after fantasies), a soundtrack to be taken to a deserted island and dazzling use of light. To me, sitting in the theatre, it was as good as any multi-million dollar hollywood movie. I think we are gonna follow it up with the opera at opera house in sydney.

We followed it up with dinner and poker. This was the first time lal and myself played poker in a casino with ganji and bangalore as our cheerleaders. I won a few, lal lost a few but it was an experience. I am glad that there are no easily accessible casinos where I live.

Last night was a chilled out night. We spent hours roaming in melbourne, checking out cafes after pubs, had a nice dinner at jaiselmer (once the ponnas knew that jaiselmer is in rajasthan- my homeland, they had to go there). I am still struggling with my motions, I just hope they are alright.

As I write this from mcg, india has lost two wickets. Dravid played like an idiot yet again, having done the hard work and giving it away to symonds (??) And that too just two balls before lunch. I mean we all have our phases where we just can't wait to eat, but this is just too much. He could have waited a bit longer, I reckon.

We are looking at a mammoth task of staying on for one and a half more days. Doable? I think so but then so does bhajji (in whose judgement I have no faith). We will see, won't we?

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