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Monday, December 03, 2007

Me, myself and iPhone

Before I brag about my recent acquisition, let me brag about something else first. My blog has inspired a good friend to kick-start his blog all-over again. I never thought I could inspire anybody with anything, but I have been proved wrong yet again. Check out:-

Now that I have successfully (?) raised the bar for all bloggers out there, let me brag about my new best friend - iPhone. Well, I know that calling a gadget as your new best friend doesnt speak much about your life or the lack of it. But, on this one, I will make an exception.

First things first, I am NOT a gadget guy. I had been operating with a simple mobile phone for years. I do like playing games on xBox but I would not go to the length of buying one. I really like music but have been postponing the purchase of an iPod for ever. When I pondered over it, I realized that it was because I like to travel light. Travelling light, to me, means no excess baggage in life. The thought of carrying a cell-phone and an iPod was too unbearable to me and so I resisted.

But not for long. An iPhone was introduced and a friend bought it while we were in Vietnam and as I stole some glimpses of it while pretending to be uninterested, I was hooked on to the tappititap interface and the crystal-clear display. After a day, I was five hundred US dollars lighter and 135 gms heavier. That was a week back and I am still having the second moments of truth also like as a never ending multiple orgasm.

I wont even harp about the basics like loading my albums/songs/lyrics onto iPhone. Of course, sync-ing my calendar means that I would hopefully not be late again to a meeting. But, the best thing about an iPhone is wi-fi net accessibility which means that I dont have to be stuck at home/office to check the net. Now, I can just sit around in a mall, having coffee and watch the latest video on YouTube or do random research on whether Dumbledore is really gay, all at high-speed and with an amzingly clear display.

I have been told that it has been voted as the most innovative product of the year. But, the true indicator of a great product is when others modify their products/services to accomodate it. Let me give you some examples. All the major websites have come up with an interface more suitable for an iPhone. You log onto facebook, it automatically figures out if you are logging from an iPhone and moves you to a more navigable display. Of course, you can always switch back and forth. Within a span of three months, thousands of web-applications have sprung up providing all kinds of games/news/weather/travel services on an iPhone. I can download Google maps on it and may never get lost again. Most automobile companies have modified their cars to be iPod/iPhone ready, meaning you just need to jack it in and the music will be played over car stereo. How cool is that? I dont particularly like using the word "cool", but there is no other way of describing it !!!

The pitfall is that I am more anti-social than ever. Last week, I went for lunch twice on my own because I wanted to spend time with my iPhone (I know how ridiculous it sounds, but there you go, I have said it). I am working hard to avoid the temptation of losing myself with it when I am out with friends but its getting difficult. The quest goes on.

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