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Friday, January 04, 2008

Curse lifted

We witnessed Sachin break his 90-jinx on his way to score 150+. It took the four of us to come all the way to Sydney to break that curse but oh my, was it not worth its while!!! I swear I have smudged my life-line short while clapping away to each of his shot.

We have a decent lead and the trick is, as always, to get them out within tomorrow. Lets see.

Last evening, I had the fortune to meet Rishi aka country who gave us quite a download on friendship, how it is formed and maintained. Among various underlying reasons offered for any group's friendship were loyalty, transparency etc. However, we all finally concluded that we are good friends within our group because at the very basic level, we are all idiots which gravitated us towards each other.

Yesterday evening, we also did a bit of shopping. Lal/Ganji have bought pointy shoes, so they will now be the lady-killers on the dance-floor (Literally). I bought some nice pair of jeans for cheap (Stocktake sale) and also bought a t-shirt and a shirt. $200 under. Lal was $600 under (Not including his ever-increasing poker losses)!!

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