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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

One tooth at a time


Breathe in. Breathe out.

In. Out. In. Out.


I stare at the overhead bulb through the plastic eyes. I strain to keep my eyes open. Because when I close them, I am filled with disturbing images.

Breathe. In and out. Again.

A tummy grumbles. Whose is it? Mine? No. My whole body is focused on breathing and staring. I couldn’t possibly summon a grumble. It must be somebody else’s. Thinking clouds my mind. I almost forget to breathe.

Breathe. In and out. Over and over.

I want to swallow. I try to swallow. I fail. I try to breathe. I can’t.

Suck – She says. Throw up – My body says. My words don’t take a sonic form. A vacuum hose is thrust in my mouth. It makes funny swooshing sucking sounds. I am distracted. A whimper escapes my mouth along with a trickle of saliva. Something is streaming down my right cheek. An involuntary tear. I forget to breathe again. I gag and choke. No. I choke and then gag. I want to die. My body convulses.

Ok. We are going to try one more time. The last time. If you don’t behave, I am afraid, you will have to eat using tubes for the rest of your life – She says

This is not a torture. I would rather be tortured. She removes five or six different items from my mouth. A rubber clamp. Cotton. A metal prob. The vacuum hose. A drilling machine. A tongue twister.

I clean my mouth. I rinse, gurgle and spit out. It looks bloody. It looked different in the morning. I rinse again. I am taking my time. The right side of my mouth is numb. So I dribble. I lie down again. I wait for the assault.

The orgy in my mouth resumes.

I breathe. In and out. Again and again. And again.


Annoymously said...

This is hilarious. What is this horror story? Seems like u were hvg all ur teeth pulled out, minus anaesthetic!! Was this some long overdue root canal - and where did u go? to dr. frankenstein's clinic? Left me queasy - gawd you drama queen! :-)

Beta said...

It was just a routine cavity treatment. Given, I have never been required to visit a dentist before, it was quite an ordeal for me.

To be honest, she was a very good dentist. I was a scared patient.

Toddler said...

I thought root canal is the most unbearable pain but after reading your experience, it seems cavity treatment is equally painful. Fortuntely, have never needed to go thru either of them. To be honest, I'm too scared to see a dentist that I never visited them for teeth whitening even.

Hiren Gajria said...

Toddler yes you are dead right. Root canal is the worst thing to happen. But root canal is a cavity not taken care off quickly. So my advise. Visit the dentist and look for cavities rather than avoid him and go for a root canal later. Ive been one of the unlucky ones who went for a cavity filling on a tooth that turned out to be a cracked one. So instead of helping it worsened my case. Ultimately i underwent torture several times before i could actually eat / bite from both sides.

Of course id agree with Beta, a pretty looking dentist will make the job easier.

Toddler said...

What if the patient is prettier than the dentist? (which is probably the other reason for not visiting them)

Anonymous said...

Have been following your blogs for a while- must say your writings have a grip!
Look forward for more.. A happy reader:)

Hiren Gajria said...

Following your blogs?

Does that include us lesser mortals or just BETA's blog.

;-) Beta is a follower of our blogs. So if you follow the subsets theory, you should visit our blogs too.

Beta said...

Anonymous - Thanks for the kind words and congratulations on graduating from a looney lurker to an active audience. Dont let yourself demote you.

Hiren - Take your shop elsewhere.

Annoymously said...

Ah. so the 'happy reader' has gripped your attention. Get a grip, guys. Judging by all the attn, can tell both of you are sure that's an admirer of the opp sex :-) Way to go Dorm.

Mika howz your pretty wife & kids ;-). hv to agree with beta - at least he's single.

Beta said...

Annoy - Last I checked it is generally considered polite to welcome a new person, guy or girl (The jury isnt out on that one yet). But you have got Mika for sure. He has got no excuse (assuming of course that this person is of the fair sex)

Annoymously said...

Ofcourse Beta, and was not implying otherwise. May your tribe grow! ;-)

Hiren Gajria said...

Thats the problem with you single readers (Annoy and Beta). You both think in one direction. Im just looking at getting more readers our blogs. However i dont blame both of you to think like that. Id probably have done so when i was single.

@ Annoy - Pretty wife and kids are rocking as ever

@ Beta - I think i'll be catching up with you at Ganji's wedding. Ur coming rite?